It is quite

It is quite It will also be true care of safety of our, such uneasy and such only and unique girls and boys our children.

PRACTICAL WORK Help the child to relax There is a set of different ways to help the child to recover to remove the collected stress, to relax, escape from a stress.

It is quite good if children know some simple receptions but if for some reason they do not want yet or are not ready to be trained be not upset, and simply take measures.

Over time, having convinced as it is healthy: to be able to get it together, most to control the state, to become the owner of the emotions, but not their slave, the young person by all means will want to master them.

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Unless ourselves

Unless ourselves Unless ourselves did not feel that it is ready to arise and unite us, the ideal should mention only our hearts?

The love constantly is present at human life, and its consequences are felt outside life of the separate person.

Because than the social organization is, about dolzhayushchy to extend until captures everything che lovechestvo, if not a consequence of that love, which people chuv stvoval throughout centuries?

If the nature grants us this energy for use in definite purposes if it so carefully measures it for other forms of life, generosity which she shows concerning the person, cannot be aimless.

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Probably, I could

Probably, I could And that, at your look, could facilitate your task: to ignore Mary's attempts you to tease and to pass by her?

Annie again thought a little.

Probably, I could talk to myself as I do it, performing homeworks.

And what you would tell yourself?

Well, something it seems: It is necessary poostyt.

Mary tries to enrage me.

She achieves that I got on a wall, started a drachka and pressed troubles.

And I will pass directly before her nose, without paying to it any attention.

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Ania, Asya

Ania, Asya Hardly sawed, Hardly all put.

Our Yura bought a spinning top, Presented to Yul Yul.

Ilya looked for a needle, Looked for it under a firtree, Looked for it under a willow, Looked for it in a nettle.

Oleg of a donkey dragged home, The donkey rested the head.

Olesya silently approached, Took a donkey and took away.

Ania, Asya and Andryusha Alevtina will be listened.

And Alyosha and Anton Alevtina is driven.

The bear rustled, Let's roar: Where honey, where honey!

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After that

After that In it there is a sense mother told.

Let's make then the list that for what you should do in a situation of acquaintance to children.

Perhaps, we will begin with that I will smile to somebody offered Annie.

And it will appear in our list at number .

Good idea mother agreed and entered it in the list.

Then I will tell Hi!

Annie told.

It will be number .

Not bad mother agreed.

After that I will ask: whether they made homeworks for mathematics.

Well mother told and wrote down it in the list at number Their list became very impressive soon.

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